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Scaling stories

A collection of links I find interesting about scaling:

  • Ravelry a Ruby on Rails site for knitting.

We’ve got 430,000 registered users, in a month we’ll see 200,000 of those, about 135,000 in a week and about 70,000 in a day. We peak at 3.6 million pageviews per day. That’s registered users only (doesn’t include the very few pages that are Google accessible) and does not include the usual API calls, RSS feeds, AJAX. Actual requests that hit Rails per day is 10 million. 900 new users sign up per day.

  • Have I been pwned? .NET application running on Azure, “Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach”.

… Have I been pwned? (HIBP) going from a fairly constant ~100 sessions an hour to… 12,000 an hour. Almost immediately.

He [David Heinemeier Hansson] explains Basecamp’s stack (which handles 2,000 reqs/second) and what makes it so fast. We also talk about the big DDoS attack that took them down, Rails 5 speed features, rendering HTML on the server side, and why 80% of applicants get automatically rejected.