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Windows IE Virtual Machine Checksums

Microsoft offers Virtualisation Tools that you can use to test your website under varying versions of Internet Explorer. Here are some MD5 checksums for IE10 under Windows 8.

bd44a5f5611d0329d938544fac0ecbf9  IE10.Win8.For.LinuxVirtualBox.part1.sfx
0b23c5b96dc698da967c0bc2afb4b434  IE10.Win8.For.LinuxVirtualBox.part2.rar
5de560b3f9f99bcc5df39466e45b670e  IE10.Win8.For.LinuxVirtualBox.part3.rar

Note that double-clicking the sfx file results in a corrupted ova image. It does not work. You have to unrar the first file on the command line:

$ unrar e IE10.Win8.For.LinuxVirtualBox.part1.sfx